How NINOUSHA maintained Brand Resilience during COVID-19

How NINOUSHA maintained Brand Resilience during COVID-19

Hey there United People of Ninousha! I know Its been difficult times for everyone lately with the global pandemic, being homebound, not able to carry on our daily routines and making the progress we're all so used to making. However, I am here to let you know, there is HOPE for all businesses around the world! Let us try and adapt instead of just complain how this situation has become more challenging! Well, I say, Challenge Accepted and Thank You!

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I sat down and thought to myself, How can Ninousha be Resilient during such times? My brand is more than just a company selling fashion, but rather a direct dialogue between me and my customer. I knew that Ninousha, now, needs more than ever , to use the right type of communication and focus on the human aspect and understanding how to reprogram personal change and make sure I am being  clear and honest with my true purpose.

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I realised, I needed to connect with the truth, now more than ever. Ninousha is facing an opportunity to do things differently. It's time for change! My brand is like a living organism, it can change at any moment, adapt to its new environment and can be reshaped to serve my Tribe, "THE UNITED PEOPLE OF NINOUSHA."

I knew we need to have strong roots to maintain, they need planning and constantly need to deliver a long term purpose. The message we are sending out is "We believe in UNITY and know how to be relevant and cater to your needs"  I realized that I needed to communicate directly to my Tribe, and attempt to relate to the stories in their current lives. We want so much to stay connected and remain empathetic to the current way of life. Ninousha is trying even harder, now more than ever, to be more relatable. 

Ninousha's COVID-19 Cotton Masks

Purpose is king, a brand must have a true value..why do we exist? Why do we do what we do? Why do we do it the way we do? We need to know where to focus our initiative, and create a BOND with our Tribe; a promise. Ninousha knows that leadership and consistent clarity, sharing our Brands Story and allowing our Tribe to feel the need to be faithful because we know that they are aligning with our Brands Purpose and Ethos.

Ninousha carries constant commitment to making this happen. I know it isn't easy and takes a lot of effort. Be it through posting daily on IG , using clear and powerful language and appropriate hashtags; through promotions, I try to grab my "UNITED PEOPLE OF NINOUSHA" and make them realise that i am thinking of them during such a financially challenged time; I want to build trust with them now, more than ever!  I am constantly trying  to get out there, put myself on a limb and learn to balance while i am juggling the many elements to maintain my successful Brand Story!

I knew it wasn't easy from the start, even despite the COVID-19 situation, owning a business and a Brand takes a lot of effort, planning and proper execution. But each and every day, I wake up, hit play and repeat the next day. Its all about constant commitment and non-stop determination.

I am experimenting with ways to capture my audiences's attention. I have been planning this blog so that i can post it as a resource "go-to" place where you can pick up interesting bits of information that might enlighten or entertain you throughout your day! Ninousha is a platform that connects, and empowers.

I know that collaborations  are king and give support and recognition to those who need it! I know that they can also, in return, give back to me in a such a positive way. Double crossing businesses is a reliable way of staying current, tapping into creative ways to sell my fashion by finding the perfect Collaborator that fits into my brand segment. It's basically two companies helping one another to rise! Stay tuned for Ninoushas upcoming collaboration projects!

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I know that we need to do some important things to survive COVID-19, here they are! 

Ninousha's online presence needs to certainly be noticed so I have been creating numerous campaigns and promotions during such financially challenging times to show my Tribe I'm always thinking of them. Even though things end up evening out for me for at times, I know its worth every penny I have invested in making my website run like a wheel and connect with a wider audience.

Ninousha markets through the use of real life stories. My Real life stories are very personal and always help send out my message. I am searching for a Brand Ambassador, who does NOT need to be a celebrity, it could be someone that I feel fits our brand image, someone that walks, talks and breathes my brands storyline.

DO YOU WANT TO BE NINOUSHA'S BRAND AMBASSADOR? please email us if you feel that you would like to represent us!

Ninousha also gives back to the community every month. Ninousha has joined with the "Migrant Workers Protection Society" and is donating a percentage of the monthly sales to help them out. I know that this way, I am able to help the less fortunate and that this will be my long term commitment to giving back to our society and world.

Ninousha focuses on mindset. I  always try to stay positive and realign with my own values. I educate myself now and find the time to connect with my community. Ninousha realises that there still is a future ahead of us, so we continue to plan and make BIG things happen! I'm so excited you're all onboard.

Stay tuned for our new blogposts...