Most of us wonder what we're going to wear on certain occasions. Fashion is a form of self expression that many undermine. To be clothed is one thing, and to wear something that expresses who we are and what we represent are two contrasting ideas. 

Ninousha is all about self expression, connection and unity. My brand was born under the premises of ideas being born into my world as a form of creative expressions that i wished to share with the world. My vision is bold and daring....a vision that will cause people to reconnect with themselves, ideally healing their innermost insecurities of self judgement.

Ninousha is not JUST a fashion brand, but more like an Empowered Platform that will send out waves of positivity to all women, men and children alike in this planet we call home, vibrating to those most in need of inspiration.

Ninousha fashion embodies a sense of eloquence, funk, uniqueness and puzzaz...finding those who wander the earth searching for connecting with such creations. Until you own a piece of art created with love by Ninousha, you will never truly understand its value. 

We are all creative, finding solutions to end problems ; illustrating our expressions on canvas to share our understanding of life as it exists only to us; concocting an epic mixture of ingredients to feed our souls; or stitching life into the fabrics that embed our own self worth. We find our ways to connect, and that is the SOUL purpose of my platform. It is more than just a silhoutte to shadow our bodies discretion, but rather cloaks of freedom created to embody the truths which represent our innermost desires, which is to be acknowledged and loved.

Ninousha Fashion exudes the passion that Rana Tabbara embodies, and the discipline that her business has brought her helps her give birth to her creative translations daily. 

Music plays a very important role in Ninousha's life. She connects with the energies of the likes of Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish. Music and fashion are connected and one must not exist without the other. These forms of expressions are intertwined and tend to lend to one another the language of "THE POWER OF SELF!".

This month, Ninousha has introduced a new collection of "Bishts" the traditional mens cloak that predominately originate from the Gulf Region and she has managed to evolved them into a Timeless piece to be adorned by those women who like to exude the essence of EMPOWERMENT. Make sure you check them out on her website