Human Connection through Fashion


I'd like to start by identifying the shared experiences we have as humanity and recognising that those similarities far outweigh the differences in who we are. Fashion works it's way into our lives way further than any of us realise. Fashion is a means of communication and is vital to the development in humanities mass connection as a gigantic mothership of cultural, personal and worldwide expressions. 

There is a cultural dimension to clothing that is intuitively understood from the moment we are born. Essentially, human society equals dressed society. What one wears, and how one wears it and where one wears it constitutes expressions of degrees of social freedoms and influences.

         Photos by "Dazzle Jam"

Dress expression ranges the full cultural gamut from conformity to rebellion. Simply put, dress style that challenges, or is perceived as challenging spontaneously reflects unique cultural modalities to the way we live, express and communicate. Hence, the social power of dress and the impact of seeing many people dressed in an agreed-upon mode. 

Photo by "Godisable Jacob"

Humanity also has used fashion as a means to make a statement politically. Political dressing is a concerted effort by a group of individuals to call attention to a social issue, hence connecting humanity with a cause. The recipe of political dressing has all the ingredients of fashion but not in the right proportions. Fashion, as it is defined, occurs when a society at large, agrees to a style, aesthetic, of cultural sensibility for a period of time. Fashion's sizeable social scope and requisite expiration date is what makes it so useful as a marker of time, once it has been used in film, literature or social science. 

Fashion occurs in any realm of human pursuits including Arts, Music, Technology. It is a freedom of artistic expression and unites everyone on this planet. It is not surprising then, that in today's globalised world, most people automatically identify clothes with fashion. After all , they are one of the most visible outputs of the fashion industry.


Actress and Singer JLo           Actress and Singer- Lady GaGa      Painter Artist-Coco Dávez

That same fashion industry employs a global army of trend forecasters to fine comb historical records and multiplicity of current and cultural sources. They use this data to identify what colors, styles, and products people would want next season.

Camo Trend -Photo by "Ogo"                                          The Leopard Trend-Photo by "Arianna Jadé"

However, at Ninousha, we do not follow these trends, but rather create our own! In the end we do want to connect but still find the need to connect UNIQUELY because it is vital to the magnification of Brand Personalisation and True connection through identity.